The   Big   Picture

Heintzman Farms Genius Equalizer is the most advanced air diffuser on the market.

Fits any and every air seeder (John Deere, Case IH, Flexicoil, Bourgault, Morris, Amity...etc.)

The JD 42’ air drill with 68 rows, costs $4,080 to setup with the Equalizer System.

Cost efficient: Normal potential of 10% misplacement or bounce equates in planting wheat, @ $8.50 per bushel X 120# per acre, just 1,200 acres would pay for the system installed on a drill.

Soybean seed with same potential of 10% loss, priced at $50 per bag/acre and 408 acres would pay for a Genius Equalizer System… Also noted in JD and CNH manuals, is to maintain a correct minimum air pressure so as not to blow seeds out of the soil when planting.

Example:  Producer plants 5,000 acres, ½ wheat and other ½   beans… assuming potential 10% bounce would be a loss of seed at $1.70 per wheat acre at 2,500 acres is $4,250…other ½ seeded beans with a 10% potential loss of $5.00 per acre is $12,500.

Both crops of lost germination at 10% potential misplacement, is $-16,750 less the cost of a Genius Equalizer Patent Pending System   $4,080 would be a total…$13,350…savings in one season.

To see this in another light, 40 bushels of harvested wheat with potential 10% loss at planting is – 4 bushels yield loss per acre overall. Harvested wheat is sold @ $5.00 x 2,500 acres = $-50,000.

The soybean scenario is same but 40 bushels of beans at harvest with a 10% loss is   -4 bushels @ $10.00 x 2,500 = $100,000.

Therefore, now at harvest, numbers represent of what shuda-cuda-wuda-bin, the real potential of $150,000 plus, the wasted seed of $13,350, now, in a dry spring for a realistic total lost price of $-33.00 per acres or a total potential loss of $-164,710.00!

This is a possible 54 times the return on your first year investment “in theory”, on your purchase of the Genius Equalizer Pending System installed on your air drill.

In addition, this would prevent in dry years, delayed dual crop emergence due to 90% in moist soil, and 10% in dust, and no rain for a month after planting… then delayed emergence with two crops, green wheat and beans, at harvest!

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